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I need to remember to put music on when I'm really having trouble waking up. It really does help. And damn, this new Shadow Gallery CD is good! It's the sequel to their concept album Tyranny, which is a great album, so I was looking forward to this one! I shouldn't have waited so long to get it, but I'm still amazed at how fast it got here. I ordered the 2-cd version from Action Records in the U.K. (through GEMM) and they e-mailed that it was shipped on August 11th and it showed up on August 14th! And it was only a few days after I ordered it that they e-mailed that it was shipped, so it wasn't just them putting off letting me know it was shipped, either.

I might go back and retake that last quiz sometime when I'm more awake and my brain is awake enough to think about the answers more. Some of those questions really would depend on parts of the situation they didn't mention, though. Oh, well. It's probably not worth it.

I'm going to use one of the new icons I uploaded for this one. I figured if I have a permenent account now I should have more than 2 of them:).
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Buffy quiz )

Damn, that HTML code sucks, though. I could do much better with a lot less tables.

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