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And if it had a license plate I couldn't find it. But then I haven't really slept in over 24 hours now. Demo Day is over, and the game hardware architectures homework, well it's submitted, but if I couldn't find the bus error after staring at the code for so many hours it probably wasn't going to suddenly appear and wave at me. And it was due at 11:59pm. Even though other people were still working when I left I submitted what I had.

I REALLY hate submitting broken code. I'd rather get it in late working but since the deadline to get grades in is tomorrow it was kind of a hard deadline, unfortunately. And it was painfully obvious I needed a fresh set of eyes to look at the code because no matter how long I stared at it it looked just like the code that worked fine on the last project.

The good news is, this means the semester is finally over!
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I'm currently on campus pulling an all-nighter to get ready for this:

I'm working on the audio engine for the serious games class/Lockdown. And spending a lot of time waiting around for svn or the game to load. Then one more big programming assignment due tomorrow night at 11:59pm and it's all over (and I'll be able to sleep again).

And maybe I'll even be able to read and post here. lot of stuff going on right now.

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