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It's going to be a LONG week. [ profile] chythar and I trekked all the way down to Irvine yesterday to go to Gigantour (please excuse the godawful, poorly designed, all-Flash website). If Symphony X wasn't there I would never have gone (Irvine is NOT Los Angeles. It's an hour south of here! More if you hit traffic, but we got lucky). If I hadn't bought the tickets in advance I might still not have gone since I had so much Calculus work to do. But I knew no matter how much I resented the lost time I'd wind up enjoying it, so I went.

I hope to eventually do a more complete review here or on Rockers Online later, although given my current schedule I can't even guarantee I'll get to it:(. But the short form is: Symphony X were great (and as usual really nice guys!). I wasn't expecting to get a chance to talk to them again at such a big place, but I did. In fact before they went on I saw Michael Romeo behind the stage and waved, and he got Russell Allen who waved to me. I think they picked up a bunch of new fans at the show. The autographing line for them after their set was REALLY long! Dream Theater were also great (the highlight of the show had to be "Home" which they played just before they left the stage before their encore ("Pull Me Under"). I was starting to wonder when they were going to play anything from "Scenes from a Memory" when they started that, which is one of my favorites from that album! Everyone else I could have easily passed on, which I pretty much figured. I would have left early but [ profile] chythar wanted to see Megadeth, and since I'd never heard them before I figured I should at least see what the big deal was. I only wish it were still light out them since if I could have seen I would have been studying when they were on. Instead I settled for playing games on my N-Gage QD and Clie. No, I wasn't that impressed, although there were moments when they sounded pretty good. I think a lot of it is the vocals, since that can make or break a band for me. I prefer singers with great voices, like Russell Allen, James LaBrie, John Wetton, Joe Lynn Turner, Dan Huff, etc.

The show ended at 10:30 so I was home before midnight, but I still didn't get to bed until 1am. I even fell back asleep for an hour this morning, but I'm still exhausted. I'm going to be drinking a lot of Dr. Pepper this week, since I have no way of catching up on the lost sleep, and since I'm probably going to get the usual 5-6 hours sleep a night it's only going to get worse.

Oh, and they didn't seem to care about cameras at the show, but guess what they had a problem with? Aleve:P I carry some around in my pocketbook all the time, and they gave me a hard time. I didn't want to go back to the car and risk going through again and someone noticing the camera on my Sony Clie and complaining about THAT, so they taped it up and put my name on it and said I could get it on my way out. So I asked on the way out and they said "Oh, that's probably in First Aid" which was all the way back down through the crowd by the stage, and I was already at the exit. It must be a scam to get free supplies for their first aid booth, since I knew I couldn't make Chythar wait while I went all the way back. I'm really annoyed since I'm not anywhere near a supermarket or drug store anymore, so getting a replacement is going to be a huge pain with my schedule:(. And when I need Aleve I REALLY need it!

And no, I didn't get my math homework done:(. I guess I know what I'm doing during lunch today (if I can stay awake long enough). I missed a BBQ Saturday to stay home and study but it wasn't enough. Only 3 weeks left in this class and I SERIOUSLY can't wait for it to finally be over!

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