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I'm currently on campus pulling an all-nighter to get ready for this:

I'm working on the audio engine for the serious games class/Lockdown. And spending a lot of time waiting around for svn or the game to load. Then one more big programming assignment due tomorrow night at 11:59pm and it's all over (and I'll be able to sleep again).

And maybe I'll even be able to read and post here. lot of stuff going on right now.
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Since I'm going to be on programming, I figured I'd post my schedule here:

The Schedule )

I'm not sure how much I can say about RPGs since I haven't really played them in years, but I did recently pick up the Buffy RPG (and then there are computer RPGs like WoW, LOTR: Online, and Oblivion, which I have played).

I will have to bring lots of goodies to the gadgets panel, including both my watches (my palm os one which started working again after the battery went dead and it got an enforced hard reset, and the new Swatch Paparazzi MSN Direct watch I bought on Amazon when I thought the wrist pda touch screen was dead).

BTW, the private wine and chocolate party we're planning on having at Westercon almost got canceled on account of car electrical problems (my Camaro doesn't have much space for luggage much less party supplies), but it looks like we'll be having it anyway. E-mail invites should go out soon (if they haven't already) to people we know who'll either be at the con or are in the Bay Area, and we'll probably bring printed invites to give out there. If we missed anyone here let me know:).
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So this morning I actually got to flip the switch and send the first band page in the new format "live" (O.K., only on my test server at home, but still, it's basically done, other than maybe replacing the placeholder image with a new one). Damn, that feels good. I managed to fix the last problem with pulling random Amazon ASINs out of the database last night, so other that any bugs I find, the back-end db work I plan on doing before I launch this thing is done! Now it's just a question of adding data for a few more bands.

It's still time consuming, since I basically try to find every site in existence for a band, since I want Rockers Online to be a lot more comprehensive than the other music sites out there, and I added even more new information (like a Discography section with albums pulled from Amazon, which also lets me fill in the Amazon ads on the side from the database.). But at least now the Band pages will be MUCH easier to update (band members on the other hand will have to wait for another time, so a few people on the site who aren't either band members or solo artists won't be updated anytime soon. That's going to be a whole other big job).

My parents are in town right now, so I can only really work on this late at night or in the morning before I go to work, but I think I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I won't get much done this weekend, but I'm hoping by the end of next weekend I'll actually be able to push this thing live!
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Well, last night I made major progress in my major goal for the summer, working on Rockers Online, which makes me feel a lot better about the fact that there's only about a month left before classes start up again. I've uploaded a few minor changes but the big part has been happening completely behind the scenes, and I haven't even posted about it ON Rockers Online because I'm doing major work on the database and the less I have to copy over from the live site before this goes live the better. As it is I'll have to copy over the user poll information from the live database.

Click for tech-geek details )

So it looks like there's a good chance I'll have this project done before classes start, and be able to actually start updating the site once in a while! I think throwing myself into school over my head really has made me more productive, since I'm getting a lot more done now outside of work while working full time than I ever did before I went back to school.

In other good news, Kitty went to the vet this morning. His eye's much better and he no longer has to walk around with a cone around his head constantly bumping into things! I'm sure he's happy now! He basically had a type of herpes most cats have since birth, and his eye was watering for months and he managed to scratch his face up really badly rubbing at it. It's better now, although it could always come back. Other than Lysine twice a day until August just in case he doesn't need anything else for this:).

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