Aug. 17th, 2007 01:45 pm
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Remind me not to stay away from this place for 3+ weeks. My friends list doesn't even go back that far and it took forever to catch up, but I did what I could. But it's been a busy past few weeks! Just for a quick update:

My roommate signed a 6 month contract and I'm now working full time for him (at least until classes start in...about a week *ouch* Where did the summer go?).

I went to NY for over a week for my cousin's wedding, survived a tornado in Brooklyn (actually not near me, but it brought the NYC transit system to a screeching halt and kept me from making it into NYC at all while I was there, which sucked because there were people - some of them on here - who I wanted to see but wasn't able to. I didn't even have time to call some of them, who I was planning on calling if I was getting in there:(.), got to see Rick Springfield and Eddie Money at the North Fork Theater (formerly Westbury Music Hall) and the Evolution Journey Tribute in a free concert in Hicksville, saw one old friend I hadn't seen in years who I recently got back in touch with, and ran into another old friend at a drugstore who I'd lost touch with for years.

And on top of that I'm trying to get in as many work hours as possible while I still can and actually do some work on Rockers Online.

Well, I better get to work but I figured I'd post at least a quick update. I suspect I'll be too busy to check in as regularly as I would like.


Jun. 22nd, 2007 11:39 am
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I just got 3rd row center tickets for the last of 3 Asia shows I'm planning on going to (at the Cerritos Center. I already got tickets to the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills and the Cobazon show). After the amazing show last time I decided to go to as many shows as I could this time. There are also shows in San Diego and San Juan Capistrano, but those might be a little too much/too far.

Those are all at the end of August, but the end of July is looking even busier! I'm going to see Rush at the Hollywood Bowl on July 23rd, Dream Theater at the Gibson Amphitheater on July 27, and Symphony X at House of Blues Sunset Strip on July 31st. I held off on the Anaheim House of Blues Symphony X show on the 30th because I figured it might be too much, and it's just as well since now it looks like after the Dream Theater show we're heading to Las Vegas for Classic Gaming Expo and then my roommate wants to have a real vacation and go to some shows and the Grand Canyon, and we may stay there until Monday night. Oh, and then Thursday (August 2) I fly out to NY for my cousin's wedding, and I'll be there until the 11th. By that point I'll probably be ready to pass out from exhaustion;).

All these concerts will really help with Rockers Online, which I plan on working on more this summer (I did some minor changes to it already).
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Well, my mother got a torn retina just before I got here and had laser surgery, so now she can't go with me to Lunacon. So now I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to get there! Is anyone heading out from Long Island Friday that could stop by Plainview and give me a ride? Send me an e-mail at sharan at rockersonline dot com. It would especially help if anyone's leaving early Sunday (My flight leaves from Islip Sunday afternoon) but I guess I can take public transportation back if I really have to.


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