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They still haven't posted official grades yet by my Calculus 3 teacher said he already knows I got at least a D. All I need is a D- to not have to retake it. *WHEW!* My GPA is definitely going to drop this semester but I'll just have to make sure I bring it back up in the future.

I also may be looking at a slight shift in majors:

It's not approved yet but they're hoping to have it available in the fall. I'll still be here and everything I'm taking next semester applies to both majors anyway. And it's STILL a Computer Science degree. And it means no foreign language requirement (Yay! No Spanish 3 after all!), less math required (I'd be done with math after Linear Algebra next semester instead of still needing Probability), and a few other classes I need now won't be required anymore, and they'd be replaced by a bunch of game classes (several of which I've already taken for my minor). I think this could work out really well!

I suspect I'll probably go for the masters too when I'm done (assuming I can afford it at that point):

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