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Well, since I'm still waiting around for my computer to search my files for something I might as well post about the insane past couple of weeks I've had since GDC. Adventures in Surround Sound )
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Well, there are a lot of people out there who will smugly proclaim "Well my (insert non-Microsoft product name here) is so much more secure than (insert Microsoft product name here)." I've known for years that the ONLY reason there aren't more bugs found is because it's too small an audience to be a target for hackers.

Well, today, on my Mac here at work they asked me to download a critical update. And then I saw this:

Yes, I am using Firefox (it's a better browser) and I've used Eudora for years and it is nice to know I'm immune to the Outlook exploits, but that's not WHY I use it. When I first registered Eudora Pro 3 Outlook didn't allow multiple pop accounts, and at this point I'm used to it and have way too much e-mail built up to want to transfer it to anything else.

Yeah, you're safer from the hackers as long as you're in the minority, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's any less buggy or has any less possible exploits.

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