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Well, I made it to Denver and I'm staying at my brother's house tonight. Tomorrow I'll be at [ profile] denvention3. Hopefully I'll see some of you there (of course I haven't checked my friends page in months with everything going on so I'm not sure who will be here).

Oh, and I think I did well on my Operating Systems final this morning:). Thank God THAT class is over with! It is notorious for being the toughest class in the entire program, and I had the worst luck imaginable with team mates on the first 3 projects. At least one person per project either dropped the class or just didn't do any actual work.
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I drove to class this morning and was wondering why car alarms were going off and people were standing outside with people wearing orange vests, then much later I heard someone mention an earthquake and got the breaking news alert on my MSN Direct watch. I guess I didn't feel anything because I was driving.

Meanwhile I'm still swamped with the new job and getting through the last of my Operating Systems class (the final project is due tomorrow and the final is next Tuesday) so I probably won't have time to catch up here until after Worldcon (yes I'm going. My brother lives in Denver so I'm staying with him.).

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