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So this morning I actually got to flip the switch and send the first band page in the new format "live" (O.K., only on my test server at home, but still, it's basically done, other than maybe replacing the placeholder image with a new one). Damn, that feels good. I managed to fix the last problem with pulling random Amazon ASINs out of the database last night, so other that any bugs I find, the back-end db work I plan on doing before I launch this thing is done! Now it's just a question of adding data for a few more bands.

It's still time consuming, since I basically try to find every site in existence for a band, since I want Rockers Online to be a lot more comprehensive than the other music sites out there, and I added even more new information (like a Discography section with albums pulled from Amazon, which also lets me fill in the Amazon ads on the side from the database.). But at least now the Band pages will be MUCH easier to update (band members on the other hand will have to wait for another time, so a few people on the site who aren't either band members or solo artists won't be updated anytime soon. That's going to be a whole other big job).

My parents are in town right now, so I can only really work on this late at night or in the morning before I go to work, but I think I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I won't get much done this weekend, but I'm hoping by the end of next weekend I'll actually be able to push this thing live!
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The site I've been working on since July finally went live!

It's so good to finally see it live! I originally built most of the HTML and DHTML programming, cut up the images, etc. while other people worked on the old site, and as it came closer to launch they helped out (including [ profile] punkalicia). I'm sure she's happy it's finally live too!

BTW, at some point later I need to post about the serious Week+ From Hell I just had!

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