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...when I would join an organization with 3 Greek letters in the name. Well, tonight I was initiated into Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the computer science honor society.

Now I just need to get to work on the big programming project due Sunday so I don't screw up the GPA that got me into that!
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Well, I made it to Denver and I'm staying at my brother's house tonight. Tomorrow I'll be at [ profile] denvention3. Hopefully I'll see some of you there (of course I haven't checked my friends page in months with everything going on so I'm not sure who will be here).

Oh, and I think I did well on my Operating Systems final this morning:). Thank God THAT class is over with! It is notorious for being the toughest class in the entire program, and I had the worst luck imaginable with team mates on the first 3 projects. At least one person per project either dropped the class or just didn't do any actual work.
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One day after my summer class already started, but they're finally here. I'm just glad the semester is over. It was a particularly rough one:

Course IDAttemptedEarnedGradesUnitsPointsCourse Title
ENGL-3034.04.0B+4.013.20Introduction to Fiction Writing
EE-4523.03.0A-3.011.10Game Hardware Architectures
EE-3220.00.0W0.00.00Introduction to Digital Audio
CSCI-4863.03.0B-3.08.10Serious Games Development
CSCI-4803.03.0B+3.09.90Computer Graphics

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And if it had a license plate I couldn't find it. But then I haven't really slept in over 24 hours now. Demo Day is over, and the game hardware architectures homework, well it's submitted, but if I couldn't find the bus error after staring at the code for so many hours it probably wasn't going to suddenly appear and wave at me. And it was due at 11:59pm. Even though other people were still working when I left I submitted what I had.

I REALLY hate submitting broken code. I'd rather get it in late working but since the deadline to get grades in is tomorrow it was kind of a hard deadline, unfortunately. And it was painfully obvious I needed a fresh set of eyes to look at the code because no matter how long I stared at it it looked just like the code that worked fine on the last project.

The good news is, this means the semester is finally over!
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I'm currently on campus pulling an all-nighter to get ready for this:

I'm working on the audio engine for the serious games class/Lockdown. And spending a lot of time waiting around for svn or the game to load. Then one more big programming assignment due tomorrow night at 11:59pm and it's all over (and I'll be able to sleep again).

And maybe I'll even be able to read and post here. lot of stuff going on right now.
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I just thought I'd post a quick update. Kitty came home Friday night and is doing well. I was really worried when he went nuts when they were trying to show me how to do the subcutaneous fluids at the vet, but it turns out that as long as I warm the fluids first and he gets lots of petting and attention while it happens he's actually really good about it. *whew!* He goes in to my regular vet Friday morning, so I'll know more then.

Classes also started this week and are looking good so far. Today I actually had my first class in "Intro to Fiction Writing" (since I finally decided to FORCE myself back into writing). It turns out the teacher likes SF too (William Gibson and Roger Zelazny), so that's nice!

I'm also telling all my teachers that I'll be in San Francisco at the Game Developer's Conference. My roommate and most of the rest of Infinite Monkey Factory are flying up Tuesday afternoon, but I really can't afford to miss 2 of my Game Hardware Architectures classes (which should be interesting, since it looks like we'll be learning how to program for the PS3/cell processor!). So I'm flying up first thing Wednesday morning instead.

I've also done some work on another New Years Resolution, trying to do something about getting over the long time fear of singing in public (it goes back to a bad experience with a lousy sound system at my brother's bar mitzvah - before that I was in chorus for 8 years, even made all county chorus once, and always LOVED to sing). I finally tried out Karaoke Revolution, Rock Band, and now Singstar (although I think I prefer Karaoke Revolution - it's more "fun"), and found a game that I not only enjoy, but it's the only game (other than maybe puzzle games) I've ever been able to BEAT on expert mode, and even get platinum on. I can still do the singing even if I am badly out of practice. Hopefully by the end of the year I'll either take a singing class at USC or maybe just take private singing lessons.

I also got this cool little GPS when I realized that it just might help me navigate rush hour traffic when I'm trying to get to my 6:30pm or 5pm classes on Mondays and Tuesdays. This thing's nice, and so tiny it's actually smaller than my Palm Z22. It even works for walking or bicycling.

Oh, and I'm writing on my new laptop, a Thinkpad X61 tablet convertible. I was hoping to wait until the summer to upgrade but my 3 1/2 year old Thinkpad R50p decided to force the issue a few weeks ago when the network card died. This one's going to be MUCH nicer for taking notes in class with, though. It's been an expensive year.

Of course I've discovered the joy of Vista (yeah, I know, but apparently XP tablet edition sucks even worse). Apparently I can't open a popup window without Firefox crashing, so no preview for me here. (UPDATE: problem solved! It was the Thinkpad Password Manager Firefox extension that just got installed crashing Firefox. I disabled it and popups work again!)

Well, I have to go get some stuff done, take care of Kitty, and get to sleep, since I have a 1pm class tomorrow and can't afford to oversleep or I'll have NO time to work.
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They finally posted the grades, 1 day AFTER they posted the book list for next semester:

Course IDAttemptedEarnedGradesUnitsPointsCourse Title
MUIN-446B2.02.0A2.08.00Computer Assisted Recording and Editing
WRIT-3403.03.0B3.09.00Advanced Writing
ANTH-3164.04.0B+4.013.20North American Indians in American Public Life
ITP-4611.01.0A1.04.00Artificial Intelligence in Video Games
CSCI-4603.03.0B-3.08.10Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CSCI-3773.03.0A-3.011.10Introduction to Software Engineering

Well, it's not what I hoped (my cumulative GPA actually dropped from 3.48 to 3.45 so I guess no scholarships for me) but it's still good.
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I just printed out the last take-home final and just have to get it in to the Anthropology office by 10am tomorrow morning and I'm all done! *WHEW!* I am SO glad this semester's over!

I'll post more updates later, although I'm also going to be putting in a lot of overtime at work over the next 3 or so weeks until it all starts over again. It's been an insane past few months!
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Checking Livejournal once a month doesn't work too well when my friends page only goes back about 2 weeks. I guess I need to figure out a way to check in a little more often.

Looks like another insanely busy semester. I was actually attempting to keep up on all the reading for all the classes and finally realized I'm going to have to focus on homework and other required stuff first, and then read as I have time, so this doesn't drive me nuts. It's not like I've done all the reading in the past, and I've still done fine. And work's been busy too (there's a deadline at the end of the week). We're working out of a coffee shop in Venice right now because the office situation has not been pretty:P.

I really don't want to be awake right now.
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Well, I found out to my surprise (no one e-mailed or wrote me about it) that the USC Financial Aid Office hasn't done my financial aid because they wanted me to fill out another Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal (you have to do one to drop below 16 credits a semester, and I already did that a couple of years ago). So I called today and spoke to them and he said basically the federal government are cutting me off. They think 3 years should be enough to finish a 2nd bachelors (yeah, I'd like to see them try it:P) and even if I do that form they probably won't be able to give me anything. So it's probably not even worth it. Considering the measly amount of money I was getting in Perkins loans it was barely a drop in the bucket anyway. I won't even bother applying for financial aid next year.

I even talked to him about the masters and he said all I'd be eligible for is loans for that, so I guess I'll be going back to work full time and taking classes part time then. At least then I have some chance of paying for it myself (or if my roommate's company is doing well enough he plans on offering tuition reimbursement).

I guess I'm supporting my Education Habit myself from now on.


May. 17th, 2007 04:47 pm
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Well, the semester's over, and the Shrek game is done (and out! So you should be able to buy it right now!), and things are finally going to calm down a little and go back to "normal". I have a little time while waiting for someone to get back to me, so I thought I'd do a quick update on what's been going on.

Well, it was a really rough semester, but as you can tell from the last post things worked out in the end! I was basically working on 3 different games (2 for classes plus the Shrek game), and it wasn't easy, even though I wound up dropping a class. I was really worried about that Algorithms class since I blew both quizzes, but I did well enough on the midterm and final that I got a B after all, which was a relief.

It was really weird this past weekend since I kept thinking I should be doing something and then remembering I didn't HAVE to. Of course I probably SHOULD have been doing things like catching up on some really overdue e-mails (even to at least 1 person here), but I guess I needed a weekend off. I've been trying to get stuff done during the week but one thing after another keeps getting in the way. Yesterday we got to go to a private screening of Shrek The Third, since we worked on the game. I won't give any spoilers, but it's a fun movie and worth seeing!

Afterward to avoid traffic we stopped by Fry's in Burbank, and I finally got the parts for a long overdue new computer. We were up until 3am putting it together, so I'm exhausted today. Hopefully now Lord of the Rings Online won't be quite so laggy (it actually runs better on my laptop than my old desktop strangely enough), which would help since I signed up for a lifetime membership (I really hate paying monthly fees, so now I just have to make sure I play it for at least 2 years to get my money's worth:)).

Today I finally realized I should check my grades, which I just posted. There was also bad news today, since Lloyd Alexander died (I loved his books when I was a kid!), and Veronica Mars got canceled (just when I finally found a worthy successor to Buffy. I just hope Heroes is renewed and not opposite 24 next year).

Next week is also Baycon, so I'll be there. And there's a bunch of other stuff happening in the near future. But at least I'm finally getting a break, and I've been celebrating with my new XBox 360 Elite, courtesy of Amazon. Maybe some day I'll even get a Wii, but I'm starting to think they're a myth, since I sure can't find one for sale anywhere!
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Grade Report for SPRING 2007

Course IDAttemptedEarnedGradesUnitsPointsCourse Title
WRIT-3400.00.0W0.00.00Advanced Writing
MUIN-446A2.02.0A2.08.00Computer Assisted Recording and Editing
CTIN-491B2.02.0A2.08.00Advanced Game Project
CTIN-4892.02.0A2.08.00Intermediate Game Design Workshop
CTIN-4842.02.0A2.08.00Intermediate Game Development
CTIN-4062.02.0A2.08.00Sound Design for Games
CSCI-3033.03.0B3.09.00Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Cumulative GPA seems to be up to 3.48 (SO close! Maybe next semester I'll be back up to 3.5), and I should easily make Dean's List again like I did last semester:).


May. 10th, 2007 11:35 am
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Have I died and gone to heaven?;) Not only is this exactly what I've wanted since I first discovered Guitar Hero, but THEY HAVE ASIA ON IT!!!!!!! Woohoo! Heat of the Moment of course, but at least it IS Asia.

Oh, and Guitar Hero 2 for the XBox 360 came today from Red Octane (actually yesterday but I got it out of the manager's office this morning). That goes with the Xbox 360 Elite Amazon sent me on Tuesday:).

What a way to celebrate finals being over (as of Tuesday)!
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For me anyway. The Shrek game is still winding down but Justin told me they don't need me now, since there aren't too many bugs left so they can handle them without me. It's actually a relief with next week the last week of classes and finals after that. I'll be contacting ISI and letting them know I can come back, but I'm seriously tempted to take the next 2 weeks "off" and concentrate on making it through the semester. I think I could really use a break:).
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The license plate of the mack truck that hit me was something like SPR07@USC. Between that and work I wouldn't expect to see much of me until May.

In fact this semester's so busy I've had to decide I can't really afford the time to go to NY for spring break, and will stay home and work full time that week instead. Which means I'll miss Lunacon, unfortunately:(. I will be at GDC the week before that, though.

I actually had to drop my Advanced Writing class, and the semester's still going to be rough even without that.
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Course IDAttemptedEarnedGradesUnitsPointsCourse Title
CTIN-491A4.04.0A4.016.00Advanced Game Project
CSCI-2813.03.0B3.09.00Pipelines for Games and Interactives
MUIN-3054.04.0B+4.013.20MIDI and Computer Music Production
MPGU-120B2.02.0A2.08.00Beginning Pop/Rock Guitar
CTIN-4884.04.0A-4.014.80Game Design Workshop

I'm not sure how accurate this is but it looks like my overall gpa went up from 3.38 to 3.42, not quite the 3.5 I was hoping for for scholarship purposes but still pretty good (and since I'm completely done with math my GPA should KEEP going up now)! And I think there's a good chance the semester GPA is over 3.5, which does mean I'll make the Dean's List again!:)
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Yesterday I found out that it looks like I'm getting a B+ in my MIDI class, and today all the guitar class grades are up and I have a total of 93.05%, which sounds like an A to me!

Unfortunately I probably won't know any of my other grades until the final official grades go up, which I suspect won't be until sometime late next week. In fact for a couple of my classes I haven't seen any actual grades all semester, so I just have to hope people complimenting my work is a good sign! I just hope I did well enough to drag my cumulative GPA back above 3.5 (it's 3.38 now due to 2 lousy math classes) so I can actually be eligible for more scholarships!

It was a weird semester, and next semester's looking even weirder.
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Thursday night was my last final, so the semester's all over with. The one that was tonight turned out to be a mistake, and was actually last Wednesday. At least now I don't have to worry about being late for the ISI holiday party tonight.

This weekend I actually had time to do some cleaning up and managed to find the power supply for my laptop! That's a relief, since I just bought this one a few weeks ago when my old one died and it wasn't cheap, and I was worried I might have left it on campus and need to buy another one. I also actually managed to practice guitar just because I felt like it, which is good, since I won't be taking a guitar class next semester and I really do want to stick to it! Knowing how lousy I am at getting around to things like that I'm glad I'm actually doing it. I did some things from class, and then since I can play whatever I want now I spent some time practicing "Heat of the Moment" and then switched to finally learning the beginning of "More Than A Feeling" (that song is so much fun on Guitar Hero I just had to learn it for real guitar!:))

I also finished a book Friday night (Laurell K. Hamilton's "Strange Candy") so all in all it was a constructive weekend. Although some side-work I was waiting on got delayed so I couldn't work on it, but at least that wasn't my fault.

BTW, in case anyone's been wondering, the party sometime in October which became the one sometime in November, is now going to happen sometime next year, but we still don't have a date for it. My roommate just hasn't been in the mood to plan a party. It'll happen eventually, though!:)
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That's the sound of me falling over from exhaustion after the last week of classes. Finals start next week, but by some really bizarre stroke of luck I only have 2 finals coming up, one for 3d modeling/Maya and one for my MIDI class, both practical type finals that don't require studying. Don't ask me how I got off so easily when I'm taking 17 credits!

It's been a rough week, though. My guitar final was Tuesday (and the final quiz for my game design class). Plus it got really cold here and I still had an air conditioner in my window and got cold and have felt sick for the past few days. I may leave work and head home soon since I feeling like I'd fading pretty fast now. I get to work a lot more hours next week at least!

Also, Astrology Meme )
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Damn, I don't check in here for a few days and one friend's mother dies and another posts that she's moving across the country. I need to check in here more.

The good thing is there are 2 weeks of classes left and then finals. It'll be a relief when this semester's over. I don't know how next semester will be, since I'm registered for 16 credits but it's 7 classes since I'm taking so many 2 credit classes.

I also finally did 2 long-overdue petitions, and got the lower division writing requirement waived, but not the global cultures requirement I'd hoped my Latin American Politics class would fill. Oh, well. They do have some interesting classes I could take to fill that one, so I'm not too upset.

For some reason I have a nasty headache, which is finally starting to go away.

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