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Wow. I just finished my first short story in about 10 years. Yeah, it's a first draft and probably could use some more work. And it's silly, has a kind of a short shelf life because it deals with some current issues, and I have no idea what market would be good for it (it's near future but otherwise not really SF). But it's a complete story, so I'm happy:). It's due tomorrow in class.
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I just got an e-mail from [ profile] jeffstrand that they want to buy my story "Food For Thought" for the "Until Someone Loses An Eye" anthology! Since the "Dark Rapture" anthology that previously bought a different story pretty much imploded before I even got a contract much less published, this would make my first real sale!

P.S. I guess it's a little late to get on Worldcon programming, but I guess now I can justify it for Loscon, Baycon, etc...

Big news!

Feb. 13th, 2006 11:13 am
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Well, I was waiting for it to be official, but I just gave 2 weeks notice here at Universal. I've just accepted a position at ISI, a part of USC, as a Flash Game Programmer working on educational games to teach K-12 students math (and here I thought I was almost done with math;)). It's actual game programming, which is great, and I always did like Flash/Actionscript programming! It's also in Marina Del Rey, which means a MUCH shorter commute! It'll be really nice not to be spending 2 1/2 hours a day in my car Monday-Thursday!

In other news I found out Friday that a story I submitted to an anthology made it past the first cut, so there's actually a chance I might finally get published, too:).

Of course the not-so-good news is I seem to have come down with something, so I'll probably go home early and skip class tonight. I have a midterm tomorrow morning so I can't afford to miss that! (Yes, a midterm on Valentine's Day. Go figure.)

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