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Well, I got some good news today! I heard got an e-mail from the Engineering Associate Dean that I was selected for a Boeing scholarship! It's only $2000 for the year (a drop in the bucket at USC) but definitely good news! I guess this means I didn't completely blow my Linear Algebra midterm last semester for nothing (it was this scholarship application that was due at 5pm that day, and I rushed through the midterm, which ended at 4:50, since I forgot to hand the scholarship application in BEFORE the midterm like I was supposed to).

In other news my vision is finally starting to recover from my visit to the opthamologist this morning. It was just a followup visit for the ulcer I had in my eye last fall, but they dilated my eyes, so my vision was very blurry for quite a while and I didn't think driving would be a very good idea so I've been working from home.
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Well, I wasn't doing too well this morning (grumbling about roommates who convince you to play WoW when all you really wanted to do was get some studying done and go to sleep early) until I checked my USC e-mail. Apparently I won a scholarship, the Bartlett award! It's only $2500 for the year (a drop in the bucket at USC) but it's still really good news!

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