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I was looking to see if there was any news on when the anthology was coming out yesterday and found this:

There's nothing about a release date, but there is a list of contributors, and it was very cool to see my name there along with people like Adam-Troy Castro and Craig Shaw Gardner:).
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I got home today to find my first story contract waiting for me! I guess that makes it official (although I was told by one person it's not a "real" sale until I get the check, but that person was only married to a SFWA member so what do they know). Well, this won't exactly get me into SFWA or HWA or anything, but to hell with the snobs who think it's not good enough, it's my first sale and I'm happy about it!:)

I didn't get much done over the weekend because the cold or whatever I had come down with drained me of energy, but my roommate and I got a Christmas tree (as he said, "An Atheist and a Jew go out to buy a Christmas Tree...". We're still trying to figure out the punch line.) It gives the cats a new place to hide out:). I also actually managed to finish a book - "A Scanner Darkly" by Philip K. Dick, which means I can finally watch the movie.
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I just got an e-mail from [ profile] jeffstrand that they want to buy my story "Food For Thought" for the "Until Someone Loses An Eye" anthology! Since the "Dark Rapture" anthology that previously bought a different story pretty much imploded before I even got a contract much less published, this would make my first real sale!

P.S. I guess it's a little late to get on Worldcon programming, but I guess now I can justify it for Loscon, Baycon, etc...

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