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Since I'm going to be on programming, I figured I'd post my schedule here:

The Schedule )

I'm not sure how much I can say about RPGs since I haven't really played them in years, but I did recently pick up the Buffy RPG (and then there are computer RPGs like WoW, LOTR: Online, and Oblivion, which I have played).

I will have to bring lots of goodies to the gadgets panel, including both my watches (my palm os one which started working again after the battery went dead and it got an enforced hard reset, and the new Swatch Paparazzi MSN Direct watch I bought on Amazon when I thought the wrist pda touch screen was dead).

BTW, the private wine and chocolate party we're planning on having at Westercon almost got canceled on account of car electrical problems (my Camaro doesn't have much space for luggage much less party supplies), but it looks like we'll be having it anyway. E-mail invites should go out soon (if they haven't already) to people we know who'll either be at the con or are in the Bay Area, and we'll probably bring printed invites to give out there. If we missed anyone here let me know:).
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Thursday night was my last final, so the semester's all over with. The one that was tonight turned out to be a mistake, and was actually last Wednesday. At least now I don't have to worry about being late for the ISI holiday party tonight.

This weekend I actually had time to do some cleaning up and managed to find the power supply for my laptop! That's a relief, since I just bought this one a few weeks ago when my old one died and it wasn't cheap, and I was worried I might have left it on campus and need to buy another one. I also actually managed to practice guitar just because I felt like it, which is good, since I won't be taking a guitar class next semester and I really do want to stick to it! Knowing how lousy I am at getting around to things like that I'm glad I'm actually doing it. I did some things from class, and then since I can play whatever I want now I spent some time practicing "Heat of the Moment" and then switched to finally learning the beginning of "More Than A Feeling" (that song is so much fun on Guitar Hero I just had to learn it for real guitar!:))

I also finished a book Friday night (Laurell K. Hamilton's "Strange Candy") so all in all it was a constructive weekend. Although some side-work I was waiting on got delayed so I couldn't work on it, but at least that wasn't my fault.

BTW, in case anyone's been wondering, the party sometime in October which became the one sometime in November, is now going to happen sometime next year, but we still don't have a date for it. My roommate just hasn't been in the mood to plan a party. It'll happen eventually, though!:)
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Well, the party Saturday went really well. We counted about 25 people (including us) there, and everyone seemed to have a great time. At one point the party was spilling outside because of lack of space. There were plenty of desserts, and we'll have leftovers for quite a while. And we still can't seem to get rid of the beer we've had left over from the last few parties. We don't get beer drinkers, since they aren't really drinking-type parties, more good conversation type parties. The perrier went really fast, and some of the wine, but not much else drink-wise.

The last people wound up leaving around midnight, which is actually earlier than most of our previous parties.

Several people who said they would be there, or probably would be there, never showed up. I'm a little worried they might not have been able to find parking, since apparently it was already really bad when the first people showed up at 7. I'm not sure what else was going on that night, but it sounds like it was far worse than normal. I told my roommate we should probably start the next one earlier and encourage people to show up earlier because of the parking. It's that or find a bigger place in an area with more parking. But right now we really can't afford to move.

Well, hopefully by the next one my roommate will have found some work, so we'll be in a little better financial shape. And at least we had that, since we definitely can't afford to go to Westercon next weekend.

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