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I drove to class this morning and was wondering why car alarms were going off and people were standing outside with people wearing orange vests, then much later I heard someone mention an earthquake and got the breaking news alert on my MSN Direct watch. I guess I didn't feel anything because I was driving.

Meanwhile I'm still swamped with the new job and getting through the last of my Operating Systems class (the final project is due tomorrow and the final is next Tuesday) so I probably won't have time to catch up here until after Worldcon (yes I'm going. My brother lives in Denver so I'm staying with him.).

Big News!

Jul. 7th, 2008 06:34 pm
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Well, I've been insanely busy but I wanted to at least do a quick post of the big news. Over the past 2 weeks my job search literally exploded. At one point I had as many as 3 serious possibilities at once, and a few that never materialized in the end. I almost was able to say I got a job from here on LiveJournal because I was contacted by a company through an anonymous post here and they made a great offer that would probably have worked out well for me. However at the last minute another offer came through from a game company that's only a few blocks from my apartment, so I'll be able to WALK to work every day. Given the fact that the other offer was in Van Nuys, 17+ miles away each way, and the fact that I'd have a 3-way commute when USC is thrown into the mix, being able to walk to work was too good an opportunity to pass on. It's also a great opportunity doing games. Most of it will be Flash but they also do C++ games, depending on the project. And it seems to be a very cool company! So I accepted their offer on Thursday, and I start next week.

I also had another company interested that brought me in to do some contract Flex work for a few days, and although that would also have been a great opportunity the commute to Calabasas just wasn't going to work out with my 3-way commute.

It's interesting that the combination of games and the Flash/Actionscript experience I have seems to have made me seriously in demand suddenly.
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I don't want to post anything just yet until I make a final decision but it's been a busy week and I should have some really big news to post here by the end of next week:).

Right now I've got a lot going on, including a project for class that's now overdue (my team keeps getting 3rd members that seem to vanish off the face of the Earth and not contribute to the projects, unfortunately) and a midterm on Tuesday. And I never realized quite how much looking for work really IS a full time job until now. So I haven't checked in for a while and will have a lot of catching up to do soon.

Work News

Nov. 7th, 2007 04:25 pm
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It's official - I just faxed over a signed offer letter to work for Universal again:). I'm really happy since I really enjoyed working there (other than the commute, of course) so this will be nice! I start on Tuesday.

No, this doesn't mean my roommate's company is shut down or anything like that (he actually did get some money out of the client), we just realized that with the company a startup and things a little unstable right now it's better if one of us has a separate source of income. I'll still do some side work for him and hopefully in 90-120 days (which is how long this is supposed to last) he'll have more contracts and things will be a little more stable.

More news later after I survive the paper I have due on Friday.;)
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Damn, I still have so much I want to do this summer and there are only about 6 weeks left before it all starts over again with the classes! And the next few weeks will be busy, since I'm seeing Rush at the Hollywood Bowl on Monday, Dream Theater at the Gibson Amphitheater on Friday, heading to either Las Vegas or Comicon for the weekend (I'm not sure which yet), seeing Symphony X the following Tuesday (maybe Monday too if we're back and I feel up to the trek down to Anaheim. EDIT: apparently the Anaheim show just got moved to Santa Ana), and then I head to NY on Thursday the 2nd for 9 days. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

In other news, when I head off to NY I'll also be headed back to only occasional work status at the current job as I go back to work for my roommate's company. He just signed a 6 month contract for a website with a 3d game component that should be interesting! If you know any good programmers in the L.A. area (or are one) let me know, since he's going to be hiring!

There's also news on the Rockers Online front. I finally got fed up with my old web host screwing up my site and my e-mail and switched to a new one. Then I fixed a few bugs (including my rss feed, which I had no idea was down for so long, and my forum activation, which the old host broke by changing the server on me). Last weekend I finally added the first new band in years, Queensryche (and damn, do they have a lot of sites devoted to them!). I think it's probably safe to say I now have the most comprehensive list of links on the band on the net:). Also my roommate decided as a test to pay someone to write up news for my site for a month to see if it increases traffic, and I'm on the 3rd day of that (so there will actually be things posted to [ profile] rockersonline).

Of all my goals for the summer, the one I was most on track for (at least until I blew it last week and I'm hoping to make up the difference this week) is reading at least 1 book a week. I finally finished "The Harlequin" By Laurell K. Hamilton this morning and will be working on the new Demon Hunting Soccer Mom book by Julie Kenner next. Now those are fun books! They really are like if Buffy retired and got married and had kids and suddenly started getting attacked by vampires again. It should be a quick read so maybe I'll make 2 books this week:).

I think I finally figured out what the problem is with the new Laurell K. Hamilton books. My opinions here... )

Big News!

Dec. 20th, 2006 01:47 pm
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Well, I just told people here at work so it's safe to announce here. For the next 4 months I'm going to be working through my roommate's company Infinite Monkey Factory on site at a game company working on a port from XBox 360 to PC of a game for a major movie license that needs to be released at the end of April to be timed with the movie! I'm not sure if it's O.K. yet to mention the movie publicly, but you'll definitely have heard of this one. And I'll be working part time while still in school, and after I graduate I'll have a published AAA title where I was an actual programmer and NOT an intern, and that will help me get into a game company at a higher level, so I'll be able to bypass the whole Junior Programmer thing!

This is a great opportunity, and they understood here why I'd want to take it! So I'm going to continue to work here full time until classes start and then cut my hours back, so I'll still be able to put in a little time at home and on weekends to help them out here and stay in the system, and then after the project ends I'd be able to just increase my hours here again (assuming of course nothing else comes up).
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I'm not entirely sure what's going on here, but the cops have several blocks completely blocked off here, and there's a helicopter that's apparently been circling for hours. They wouldn't even let me drive home, even though I was about 1/2 a block away. I parked on the street just outside of the blocked off zone, and they let me walk home, but told me I couldn't go on the other side of the street. At least I was able to get home, since I'm flying to NY tomorrow and haven't even started packing yet! But we seem to be right on the edge of the blocked off zone.

I can't find anything about it on the news, but we did hear someone over a bullhorn telling someone to drop their weapons and come out with their hands up. (That's about all we managed to make out of what they said.) It's really weird hearing that in person and not just on some TV show! This area is generally a pretty good area, although it gets a little seedier a couple of blocks down.

Well, I better go try to do some packing.

Update: Whatever it was, the crisis seems to be over. When I realized we couldn't hear the helicopter anymore I went out to get my car and there were still cops there but they said it was O.K. to get my car and bring it home.

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