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Well, I'm still not quite back (I haven't even looked at my friends list in about 2 1/2 weeks) but the site that's been keeping me insanely busy for the past few weeks is finally live: Don't be surprised if there are bugs. it happens when you have to redo an entire site in about a month! Hopefully now things will go back to 'normal' and I'll be able to get caught up on stuff and check in here again. I even actually managed to get some of my homework done this weekend so I won't get stuck doing it the night before it's due again.
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The site I've been working on since July finally went live!

It's so good to finally see it live! I originally built most of the HTML and DHTML programming, cut up the images, etc. while other people worked on the old site, and as it came closer to launch they helped out (including [ profile] punkalicia). I'm sure she's happy it's finally live too!

BTW, at some point later I need to post about the serious Week+ From Hell I just had!

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