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Well, I get some really bone-headed people e-mailing me (I don't know where they find me) but this one REALLY takes the cake. Someone contacted me about an entry level graphic designer job in Anaheim that pays... $12 an hour. Yeah, right, I'm going to drop a game programmer job that pays $50 an hour for THAT? I don't THINK so. I don't know how anyone could possibly think someone with 8 years web development experience (and several months as a Flash/Java Game programmer on top of it) would even consider something like that.

Of course if anyone else here might be interested let me know and I can pass along the idiot's e-mail.:)

Big News!

Dec. 20th, 2006 01:47 pm
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Well, I just told people here at work so it's safe to announce here. For the next 4 months I'm going to be working through my roommate's company Infinite Monkey Factory on site at a game company working on a port from XBox 360 to PC of a game for a major movie license that needs to be released at the end of April to be timed with the movie! I'm not sure if it's O.K. yet to mention the movie publicly, but you'll definitely have heard of this one. And I'll be working part time while still in school, and after I graduate I'll have a published AAA title where I was an actual programmer and NOT an intern, and that will help me get into a game company at a higher level, so I'll be able to bypass the whole Junior Programmer thing!

This is a great opportunity, and they understood here why I'd want to take it! So I'm going to continue to work here full time until classes start and then cut my hours back, so I'll still be able to put in a little time at home and on weekends to help them out here and stay in the system, and then after the project ends I'd be able to just increase my hours here again (assuming of course nothing else comes up).

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