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I guess the luck I've had ever since I moved out here is still holding, since it looks like I start work on Monday at the same place that made me an offer before I started the last job. I got the paperwork yesterday. I'll be working part time as a contractor, which makes a lot more sense for me right now. I need to focus on my classes and since I'm hourly I won't have to feel guilty when I have to cut back my hours for finals and things like that. I'm just going to do a big push and graduate in May like I planned and it'll finally be over with! Who would have thought a 2nd bachelors would take FIVE YEARS to finish?

And yes, I can actually say I got this job through this LiveJournal! It all started with an anonymous post here from their CEO. So I guess that permanent account has paid for itself now:).


Oct. 24th, 2008 07:13 pm
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Well, the last few months have been pretty bad (it seems to be going around lately) and today was a serious day from hell. I was upset about some problems with a friend of mine, got 3 hours of sleep last night, had an interview with someone for the Computer Science Honor Society but never managed to meet up with him, and then got a parking ticket because I forgot to put the temporary parking permit back up this morning. And then came the final top for the day...

I'm being let go from my job. The 31st is my last day. It's partially they don't have another project to put me on and partially just the class situation has been a lot more difficult than I expected and I really haven't been able to manage 40 hours a week. It's not completely unexpected because I could tell they were getting frustrated with me. They're still really happy with me and will give me a great recommendation and are willing to use me on contract jobs, but they're too small a company to really keep me on full time, and now I need to find other work. And now I know I really CAN'T in good faith even consider any full time jobs because I know I can't do it. In fact I found out a core requirement I was hoping to get appealed was denied so now I have to take 10 credits in the fall if I want to graduate in May, which is definitely not conducive to a full time job.

Ironically enough this was probably the least stressful thing to go wrong today, I guess because it does help my stress level, since my classes this semester have not been going well and I can really use the extra time to focus on them.

So now I'm looking again, so if anyone knows of any part time contract work in the Los Angeles area let me know. And now I do have 3 1/2 months of heavy Actionscript 3 game programming experience, with a really impressive game to add to my portfolio that I'll be finishing up this week and that hopefully will be live not much after that so I can finally show it off!

I won't go into the other nasty stuff going on right now, but next week I'll probably post about the car accident nightmare of the past month and a half (I'm going to wait until AFTER my small claims court date just to be safe).

Big News!

Jul. 7th, 2008 06:34 pm
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Well, I've been insanely busy but I wanted to at least do a quick post of the big news. Over the past 2 weeks my job search literally exploded. At one point I had as many as 3 serious possibilities at once, and a few that never materialized in the end. I almost was able to say I got a job from here on LiveJournal because I was contacted by a company through an anonymous post here and they made a great offer that would probably have worked out well for me. However at the last minute another offer came through from a game company that's only a few blocks from my apartment, so I'll be able to WALK to work every day. Given the fact that the other offer was in Van Nuys, 17+ miles away each way, and the fact that I'd have a 3-way commute when USC is thrown into the mix, being able to walk to work was too good an opportunity to pass on. It's also a great opportunity doing games. Most of it will be Flash but they also do C++ games, depending on the project. And it seems to be a very cool company! So I accepted their offer on Thursday, and I start next week.

I also had another company interested that brought me in to do some contract Flex work for a few days, and although that would also have been a great opportunity the commute to Calabasas just wasn't going to work out with my 3-way commute.

It's interesting that the combination of games and the Flash/Actionscript experience I have seems to have made me seriously in demand suddenly.


Aug. 17th, 2007 01:45 pm
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Remind me not to stay away from this place for 3+ weeks. My friends list doesn't even go back that far and it took forever to catch up, but I did what I could. But it's been a busy past few weeks! Just for a quick update:

My roommate signed a 6 month contract and I'm now working full time for him (at least until classes start in...about a week *ouch* Where did the summer go?).

I went to NY for over a week for my cousin's wedding, survived a tornado in Brooklyn (actually not near me, but it brought the NYC transit system to a screeching halt and kept me from making it into NYC at all while I was there, which sucked because there were people - some of them on here - who I wanted to see but wasn't able to. I didn't even have time to call some of them, who I was planning on calling if I was getting in there:(.), got to see Rick Springfield and Eddie Money at the North Fork Theater (formerly Westbury Music Hall) and the Evolution Journey Tribute in a free concert in Hicksville, saw one old friend I hadn't seen in years who I recently got back in touch with, and ran into another old friend at a drugstore who I'd lost touch with for years.

And on top of that I'm trying to get in as many work hours as possible while I still can and actually do some work on Rockers Online.

Well, I better get to work but I figured I'd post at least a quick update. I suspect I'll be too busy to check in as regularly as I would like.
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The license plate of the mack truck that hit me was something like SPR07@USC. Between that and work I wouldn't expect to see much of me until May.

In fact this semester's so busy I've had to decide I can't really afford the time to go to NY for spring break, and will stay home and work full time that week instead. Which means I'll miss Lunacon, unfortunately:(. I will be at GDC the week before that, though.

I actually had to drop my Advanced Writing class, and the semester's still going to be rough even without that.


Mar. 3rd, 2006 02:46 pm
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Damn, I haven't checked here in way too long. For some weird reason over the past few weeks it's felt like things have gotten totally out of control. I'm BARELY managing to get things done at the last minute. It's been bad even for me, and I just haven't been getting much done on weekends. Damn, I need a vacation or something.

Well, spring break is coming up in another week, and I'll be heading to NY for the first time in over 2 years, and going to Lunacon (anyone going there have hotel space available?;) What? Me plan ahead and have that settled already? Of course not!). The week after that is GDC, so I'll be missing a few days of class/work for that too. I also started the new job at ISI which should save me about 6-8 hours a week commute time, which certainly won't hurt! It was sad leaving Universal, but I think this is for the best. I'm a little worried because between the lack of sleep this week and not feeling well I slept in my car for way too long yesterday and got in to work late, which wasn't good. I've also been dealing with last-minute end of Cobra dental stuff, barely making a scholarship deadline (and possibly screwing up a Linear Algebra midterm in the process because I forgot I was supposed to hand it in BEFORE the midterm), barely making a couple of financial aid deadlines, etc. And yesterday I got out to my car to find out it wouldn't start. It did eventually start (right after I got off the phone with the mechanic) but after that I just dropped off the car there and had to borrow my roommate's car to get in to class today (I also lost my last chance to get my teeth cleaned). And strangely enough I saw an e-mail eariler in the day that Mercury just went retrograde. Coincidence?;)

Well, at least this Week from Hell is almost over! And I really need to spend some time this weekend getting my act together.

BTW, I haven't had time to read my friends list in weeks.:( Hopefully I'll fix that soon, but I'll probably miss a lot. Thank God for friends filters!

UPDATE: I am SO not having a good day. Shortly after posting this it started raining (I was outside using my laptop) and I can't use my laptop now until it dries out. And another disaster caused me to accidentally put my NGage into a sink full of water and I may have destroyed that too. I have a second ngage around here somewhere at least but this REALLY sucks:(.

Big news!

Feb. 13th, 2006 11:13 am
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Well, I was waiting for it to be official, but I just gave 2 weeks notice here at Universal. I've just accepted a position at ISI, a part of USC, as a Flash Game Programmer working on educational games to teach K-12 students math (and here I thought I was almost done with math;)). It's actual game programming, which is great, and I always did like Flash/Actionscript programming! It's also in Marina Del Rey, which means a MUCH shorter commute! It'll be really nice not to be spending 2 1/2 hours a day in my car Monday-Thursday!

In other news I found out Friday that a story I submitted to an anthology made it past the first cut, so there's actually a chance I might finally get published, too:).

Of course the not-so-good news is I seem to have come down with something, so I'll probably go home early and skip class tonight. I have a midterm tomorrow morning so I can't afford to miss that! (Yes, a midterm on Valentine's Day. Go figure.)

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