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One day after my summer class already started, but they're finally here. I'm just glad the semester is over. It was a particularly rough one:

Course IDAttemptedEarnedGradesUnitsPointsCourse Title
ENGL-3034.04.0B+4.013.20Introduction to Fiction Writing
EE-4523.03.0A-3.011.10Game Hardware Architectures
EE-3220.00.0W0.00.00Introduction to Digital Audio
CSCI-4863.03.0B-3.08.10Serious Games Development
CSCI-4803.03.0B+3.09.90Computer Graphics

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They finally posted the grades, 1 day AFTER they posted the book list for next semester:

Course IDAttemptedEarnedGradesUnitsPointsCourse Title
MUIN-446B2.02.0A2.08.00Computer Assisted Recording and Editing
WRIT-3403.03.0B3.09.00Advanced Writing
ANTH-3164.04.0B+4.013.20North American Indians in American Public Life
ITP-4611.01.0A1.04.00Artificial Intelligence in Video Games
CSCI-4603.03.0B-3.08.10Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CSCI-3773.03.0A-3.011.10Introduction to Software Engineering

Well, it's not what I hoped (my cumulative GPA actually dropped from 3.48 to 3.45 so I guess no scholarships for me) but it's still good.
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Grade Report for SPRING 2007

Course IDAttemptedEarnedGradesUnitsPointsCourse Title
WRIT-3400.00.0W0.00.00Advanced Writing
MUIN-446A2.02.0A2.08.00Computer Assisted Recording and Editing
CTIN-491B2.02.0A2.08.00Advanced Game Project
CTIN-4892.02.0A2.08.00Intermediate Game Design Workshop
CTIN-4842.02.0A2.08.00Intermediate Game Development
CTIN-4062.02.0A2.08.00Sound Design for Games
CSCI-3033.03.0B3.09.00Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Cumulative GPA seems to be up to 3.48 (SO close! Maybe next semester I'll be back up to 3.5), and I should easily make Dean's List again like I did last semester:).
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Course IDAttemptedEarnedGradesUnitsPointsCourse Title
CTIN-491A4.04.0A4.016.00Advanced Game Project
CSCI-2813.03.0B3.09.00Pipelines for Games and Interactives
MUIN-3054.04.0B+4.013.20MIDI and Computer Music Production
MPGU-120B2.02.0A2.08.00Beginning Pop/Rock Guitar
CTIN-4884.04.0A-4.014.80Game Design Workshop

I'm not sure how accurate this is but it looks like my overall gpa went up from 3.38 to 3.42, not quite the 3.5 I was hoping for for scholarship purposes but still pretty good (and since I'm completely done with math my GPA should KEEP going up now)! And I think there's a good chance the semester GPA is over 3.5, which does mean I'll make the Dean's List again!:)
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Yesterday I found out that it looks like I'm getting a B+ in my MIDI class, and today all the guitar class grades are up and I have a total of 93.05%, which sounds like an A to me!

Unfortunately I probably won't know any of my other grades until the final official grades go up, which I suspect won't be until sometime late next week. In fact for a couple of my classes I haven't seen any actual grades all semester, so I just have to hope people complimenting my work is a good sign! I just hope I did well enough to drag my cumulative GPA back above 3.5 (it's 3.38 now due to 2 lousy math classes) so I can actually be eligible for more scholarships!

It was a weird semester, and next semester's looking even weirder.
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Well, the final grades finally got posted:

Course IDAttemptedEarnedGradesUnitsPointsCourse Title
MPGU-120A2.02.0A2.08.00Beginning Pop/Rock Guitar
EE-3573.03.0A-3.011.10Basic Organization of Computer Systems
ITP-3824.04.0A4.016.00Mobile Game Programming
EE-2413.00.0MG0.00.00Applied Linear Algebra for Engineering
CSCI-2713.03.0B3.09.00Discrete Methods in Computer Science

What is MG, you might ask? Well, my Linear Algebra teacher, after giving a 24 hour take-home final that almost literally took 24 hours to do, didn't actually finish the grading until today at around 4:30pm or so (over 2 1/2 weeks after it was turned in), so it got in late and didn't make the initial grade report, so it's "Missing Grade".

So, what did I get in Linear Algebra, you might ask? Well, the good news is, I passed and don't have to retake it, which is a relief. The bad news is, I think MG sounds better. I got a D-:(. Well, compare that to my OTHER grades and it says something. I think maybe it says I should avoid math. That's fine by me! And if the new Computer Science (Game Development) major DOES get approved like they expect I won't have to take any more math classes ever again!
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Course IDAttemptedEarnedGradesUnitsPointsCourse Title
CTIN-4890.00.0W0.00.00Intermediate Game Design Workshop
MATH-2264.04.0C-4.06.80Calculus III
EE-2012.02.0A-2.07.40Introduction to Digital Circuits
ITP-4854.04.0A-4.014.80Programming Game Engines
CSCI-2014.04.0A-4.014.80Principles of Software Development

Not bad considering how much trouble I had this semester.
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The teacher just e-mailed that I got a C- in Calculus 3! That's better than I expected, so hopefully it won't hurt my GPA TOO much. That's a relief! So I'm now officially done with any and all Calculus, theoretically forever:).

Oh, and if I didn't already have a purple one I'd definitely been trying to find out where to get my hands on one of these.

Oh, WOW!

Dec. 15th, 2005 05:41 pm
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The final exam for my Computer Science class just got posted, and apparently I figured out enough of how his mind/grading works on the midterm, since I did incredibly well! I got 93 out of 100, and the class average is apparently 68.49 (yeah, I know that might make me kinda a curve breaker;)). I couldn't believe it when I saw the grade! This is the same class where I had perfect scores on the first couple of programming assignments and a 52 out of 100 on the midterm (below the class average of 64.2). Hopefully this will make him take me a little more seriously when I have him next semester and in other classes.:)

UPDATE: Now the final grade has been posted. I got an A-! That makes 2 A-'s, one at least D, and another (unknown but I'm guessing probably B-range). Hopefully Calculus won't drop the GPA TOO much. They are starting up a new Computer Science Honor Society next semester and it would be nice if I still qualified.:)

Another update: According to the teacher the average on this one was 79, which is higher than the online Blackboard system said. 8 people got >90 and one person actually got 100. But this is still pretty damn good:).
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I just checked the online grades and I got a 42 out of 50 on the Calculus 3 midterm! The average is only 35.35 so I did really well!:) That's very good news!

Of course everything else this weekend hasn't gone too well. Some errands yesterday took way too long and I wasn't able to finish the homework due midnight last night because of some nasty bugs I couldn't figure out. My roommate is going to help me out later with unravelling the convoluted mess of Java Threads so I can get it working and submit it today at least. On top of that HIS laptop decided to keel over and die yesterday for no apparent reason. Fortunately he has a Best Buy extended warranty.

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