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For me anyway. The Shrek game is still winding down but Justin told me they don't need me now, since there aren't too many bugs left so they can handle them without me. It's actually a relief with next week the last week of classes and finals after that. I'll be contacting ISI and letting them know I can come back, but I'm seriously tempted to take the next 2 weeks "off" and concentrate on making it through the semester. I think I could really use a break:).
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Well, apparently it's not a 404 page anymore:

It's up!

Apr. 10th, 2007 10:26 am
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Well, the gold master date is supposed to be Monday so I'm completely swamped, but the demo for the game I'm working on is finally available, so I wanted to post a link to it. The game is the PC version of the game for Shrek The Third, which comes out in May. You can download the demo here:

There's also an official game site but it's currently a 404 error. But you can download the demo here. I've mostly worked on the audio, user interface/menus, and save/load (which is disabled in the demo). The full game should be available in a little over a month!:)

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