Oct. 24th, 2008 07:13 pm
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Well, the last few months have been pretty bad (it seems to be going around lately) and today was a serious day from hell. I was upset about some problems with a friend of mine, got 3 hours of sleep last night, had an interview with someone for the Computer Science Honor Society but never managed to meet up with him, and then got a parking ticket because I forgot to put the temporary parking permit back up this morning. And then came the final top for the day...

I'm being let go from my job. The 31st is my last day. It's partially they don't have another project to put me on and partially just the class situation has been a lot more difficult than I expected and I really haven't been able to manage 40 hours a week. It's not completely unexpected because I could tell they were getting frustrated with me. They're still really happy with me and will give me a great recommendation and are willing to use me on contract jobs, but they're too small a company to really keep me on full time, and now I need to find other work. And now I know I really CAN'T in good faith even consider any full time jobs because I know I can't do it. In fact I found out a core requirement I was hoping to get appealed was denied so now I have to take 10 credits in the fall if I want to graduate in May, which is definitely not conducive to a full time job.

Ironically enough this was probably the least stressful thing to go wrong today, I guess because it does help my stress level, since my classes this semester have not been going well and I can really use the extra time to focus on them.

So now I'm looking again, so if anyone knows of any part time contract work in the Los Angeles area let me know. And now I do have 3 1/2 months of heavy Actionscript 3 game programming experience, with a really impressive game to add to my portfolio that I'll be finishing up this week and that hopefully will be live not much after that so I can finally show it off!

I won't go into the other nasty stuff going on right now, but next week I'll probably post about the car accident nightmare of the past month and a half (I'm going to wait until AFTER my small claims court date just to be safe).
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I drove to class this morning and was wondering why car alarms were going off and people were standing outside with people wearing orange vests, then much later I heard someone mention an earthquake and got the breaking news alert on my MSN Direct watch. I guess I didn't feel anything because I was driving.

Meanwhile I'm still swamped with the new job and getting through the last of my Operating Systems class (the final project is due tomorrow and the final is next Tuesday) so I probably won't have time to catch up here until after Worldcon (yes I'm going. My brother lives in Denver so I'm staying with him.).
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Wow. I just finished my first short story in about 10 years. Yeah, it's a first draft and probably could use some more work. And it's silly, has a kind of a short shelf life because it deals with some current issues, and I have no idea what market would be good for it (it's near future but otherwise not really SF). But it's a complete story, so I'm happy:). It's due tomorrow in class.

Oh, WOW!

Dec. 15th, 2005 05:41 pm
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The final exam for my Computer Science class just got posted, and apparently I figured out enough of how his mind/grading works on the midterm, since I did incredibly well! I got 93 out of 100, and the class average is apparently 68.49 (yeah, I know that might make me kinda a curve breaker;)). I couldn't believe it when I saw the grade! This is the same class where I had perfect scores on the first couple of programming assignments and a 52 out of 100 on the midterm (below the class average of 64.2). Hopefully this will make him take me a little more seriously when I have him next semester and in other classes.:)

UPDATE: Now the final grade has been posted. I got an A-! That makes 2 A-'s, one at least D, and another (unknown but I'm guessing probably B-range). Hopefully Calculus won't drop the GPA TOO much. They are starting up a new Computer Science Honor Society next semester and it would be nice if I still qualified.:)

Another update: According to the teacher the average on this one was 79, which is higher than the online Blackboard system said. 8 people got >90 and one person actually got 100. But this is still pretty damn good:).
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They still haven't posted official grades yet by my Calculus 3 teacher said he already knows I got at least a D. All I need is a D- to not have to retake it. *WHEW!* My GPA is definitely going to drop this semester but I'll just have to make sure I bring it back up in the future.

I also may be looking at a slight shift in majors:


It's not approved yet but they're hoping to have it available in the fall. I'll still be here and everything I'm taking next semester applies to both majors anyway. And it's STILL a Computer Science degree. And it means no foreign language requirement (Yay! No Spanish 3 after all!), less math required (I'd be done with math after Linear Algebra next semester instead of still needing Probability), and a few other classes I need now won't be required anymore, and they'd be replaced by a bunch of game classes (several of which I've already taken for my minor). I think this could work out really well!

I suspect I'll probably go for the masters too when I'm done (assuming I can afford it at that point):



Dec. 13th, 2005 11:30 am
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*Gasping for breath as I come up for air*

Well, my last final was yesterday so I'm FINALLY done! I now get around 4 nice, relaxing weeks of JUST working full time. Damn, I needed a break.

Now I just have to wait to find out my grades. Unfortunately the calculus final didn't go too well (there was just too much to remember and I forgot a lot even after being up most of the night before studying) and since I blew the first midterm I don't know if I passed the class. I did really well on Midterm 2 and most of the quizzes, at least, so there's at least some hope. I found out all I need is a D- to not have to retake it, which is all I care about at this point. Did I mention how much I hate math?;)

Well, I knew the 4.0 GPA my first semester was too good to last. And so much for honor societies. That last one e-mailed me at the last minute that they found out they could only admit Computer Science/Computer Engineering majors, NOT just Computer Science ones, and the Computer Science one they recommended had a web site that hadn't been updated since 2002 and is now giving 403 forbidden errors, so my guess is they're totally defunct.

I also have no clue how I did on the final I took yesterday, but then I've learned over the semester that it's not so much a case of knowing what we did as knowing how to read the teacher's mind. Hopefully I learned enough of that from the midterm to get by on this one, but I won't know for sure until I see my grade. But I won't get into that here since I still have to take at least 2-3 more required classes with this same teacher:(.

Even the one class I KNOW I did really well in (Electrical Engineering) hasn't posted the final grades yet.:( And that was the first final I took.

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