Mar. 12th, 2010

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  • 00:15 @jalvear Yeah, that's frustrating! I couldn't do anything either until they interrupted it with an announcement & it reset out of the game. #
  • 00:21 is back from the #GDC parties after having a great time and talking to some very cool people. Now to sleep so I can make panels tomorrow.#fb #
  • 10:05 is heading to day 1 of the #GDC main conference with my Bag of Holding. #
  • 12:08 wows. #GDC is HUGE this year. I really like the free t-shirt this year too (it has a cute robot on it). #fb #
  • 19:53 hmms. Farmville just won Best Online/Social Game in the Game Developers Choice Awards at #GDC. Guess I'll have to try it out finally. #fb #
  • 20:06 cools! Flower won Best Downloadable Game! Too bad it didn't win audio too, but still great news! #GDC #fb #
  • 20:18 Hmms. Uncharted 2 is really cleaning up tonight. I want it but I really should play 1 first;). #GDC #fb #
  • 20:43 just watched Will Wright give John Carmack a lifetime achievement award. #GDC #fb #
  • 20:45 and Uncharted 2 is Game of the Year. #GDC #fb #
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